Papillon Rug Care is a family business with over 10 years of providing premier rug cleaning, repair and restoration services to the Bay Area. Our time honored processes and impeccable workmanship bring out the internal essence of your rugs and carpets. We pride ourselves in achieving original beauty and maintaining your rug's value with our unparalleled hand washing and restoration techniques. Papillon Rug Care is operated by Auserehlian certified technicians with vast experience handling Persian, Oriental, Navajo, Kilims, Needlepoint, Aubusson, European, Wilton, French Modernist, Exotic Blends and more.
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quote1 In my experience as art curator for Ann and Gordon Getty for the past ten years, I have come to rely on Papillon Rug Care for our antique and fragile carpets. I trust their repair and cleaning expertise as well as their professional advice. - Deborah Hatch quote2

quote1 They did a beautiful job on a turkish rug I brought in.  The colors really came back nicely and the job was done quickly and at a reasonable cost. - Michael S., San Francisco quote2
Papillon Rug Care
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