Many establishments and high profile residents in the San Francisco Bay Area have been working with Ms. Mahnaz Shoeiby and her associates at Papillon Rug Care for many years. Once a professional relationship begins with Mahnaz it endures forever and never ceases to exist. In the course of many years of service Mahnaz and company have demonstrated a consistent pattern of courteous and receptive service as well as a dedication to respond to the instructions of clients to clean and repair their expensive and rare Oriental rugs by applying skilled and attentive procedure with a pampering touch. A special note should be made of Papillon Rug Care’s excellent customer service. On many occasions, clients have had an unusual rug cleaning or repair need, or needed service immediately. Papillon Rug Care has always been accommodating, and done so with a very pleasant manner. This courteous manner is only a reflection of the personality of its owner.

As a result of this professional accomplishment and satisfaction clients of Mahnaz would be proud to show their utmost appreciation, extend their referrals to other similar organizations, including designers and private collectors owning oriental rugs in the Bay Area.

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